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15 november 2018
Going great...
There are over 500 articles in the database, visitor numbers are higher then ever, and the database is now mentioned on the IHBV website. Thanks everyone for their input, suggestions and help!
15 november 2018
There have been some glitches on the contact and suggest forms, which are fixed now
13 november 2017
400 articles
Today I count 400 articles in the database. While we keep working towards 500, I would like to thank everyone for the helpful suggestions, feedback and support.
31 oktober 2017
A whole lot of everything
A lot of little changes recently. The database is now compliant with the EU cookie-policy, the first "FAQ" question has been answered, but more importantly, today I count 374 articles. I'm so glad the database was able to grow so quickly.
6 oktober 2017
Getting there...
Were up to 330 articles. Please keep posting your suggestions, then soon there will be 333!!!
08 september 2017
Marburg Giftedness project
Were up to 322 database entries!. This is mainly due to some entries from the Marburg Giftedness Project. This project started in Germany in 1989 by screening over 7000 third graders (about 9 years old) with 3 well-established standardized intelligence tests. The top 2 percent of this group was selected as the gifted group, a comparison group of average intelligence was matched for as many variables as possible. Six years later (when the groups were 15) they were tested again with 3 IQ tests!. This is one of the most well-defined studies into intellectual giftedness I have seen while gathering research articles for this database. I encourage you to read the findings of this study, they provide unique insights due to the completely unselected group of gifted individuals they investigate. Since the participants are now adults, you will also find articles about adult traits. Interesting details: the participants are not aware of their group status... If you search for "Rost" (the main author), you will find these articles in the database.
24 august 2017
How, Where, What?
Besides some small changes to the layout, much more information is now added. In the menu bar above, you will now find a drop-down info item, where you can find all the information about the database, on how to search, an explanation of the different tags and an explanation of the rating system.
22 august 2017
Research Ratings
You might have noted the star ratings next to each database entry. Every entry is now rated according to it's scientific integrity and value. For more information about the rating system: click here: Rating System
12 august 2017
Over 300 items!
As of today, the database has more then 300 entries. From the brain scans of very gifted children to the needs of HIQ seniors!
11 august 2017
Improved Layout
Our more regular visitors may have noticed that the layout has changed. This is because after our mobile users, the needs of big-screen users are now also being taken into consideration. If you have any remarks or suggestions, please let me know: Contact
6 august 2017
No more Login...
As you might have noticed, there is no longer the option to log in. Why not? Because it is no longer necessary. Enjoy!
5 august 2017
Speaking of news, you are looking at the new news section!.
5 august 2017
Mobile compatibility
Much work has been done to make the database mobile friendly. Get your phone and check it out for yourself!