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Welcome to the HIQ-Database

The aim of this database is to provide an overview of the scientific literature relevant to having a high IQ / giftedness in adults. Articles on children are included when they are of significant value to understanding giftedness in adults, for example when they are longitudinal studies or when their methodological setup is strong enough to allow for generalization of the conclusions to adults.

Note that the database is a work in progress, thus not yet complete (it will probably never be). If you know of a study that should be included, please inform us using the form: Suggest an entry

On the home page, you will find an interactive, sortable and searchable index of the database.

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For example, to find the highest quality studies about adults, enter "age-adults evidence-5" in the search box.

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If you would like to suggest a book/study/article for inclusion into the database, click here: Suggest an entry